Integrating Emaww leverages non-intrusive Emotion AI for analytics.

Integrating Emaww into your website provides real-time emotion analytics, offering insights into user behavior and preferences without intrusive inputs, enabling data-driven decisions to enhance user experience and optimize marketing strategies.


by Abdullah Siddiqi

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Data is a tool for websites as they provide critical insights into user behavior and preferences, which can guide decision-making and improve user experiences. While tracking traditional metrics such as page views, bounce rates, and conversion rates can allow website owners to identify what attracts visitors, where they spend most of their time, and what aspects might be causing them to leave, it leaves much to the assumption of the analyst.

Emotion AI adds an essential layer to analytics which enriches traditional data by adding information about the emotional state of users which each scroll, swipe and click. Not only does this remove the need to make assumptions, it also alleviates the need for users to press buttons on a website before they can be analyzed.

This data allows for targeted improvements, optimizing the site for better engagement and effectiveness. Additionally, analytics help in understanding the impact of marketing campaigns, adjusting strategies in real-time, and increasing return on investment by focusing efforts on what truly resonates with the audience.

Introduction to Emaww

Emaww is a state-of-the-art dashboard that captures users' emotional responses in real-time through browsing gestures, removing the need to access intrusive inputs such as microphones and cameras. This non-intrusive technology is synthesized seamlessly into our dashboard, enabling you to monitor user behavior, analyze content effectiveness, and view heatmaps. With Emaww, you can effortlessly refine your website, strategize for major rebrands, and test new features. This powerful tool transforms intuitive user interactions into actionable insights, allowing you to leverage preferences and optimize user journeys effectively.

Why integrate Emaww into Your Website?

Integrating Emaww into your website or application can significantly enhance its value by providing:

  • Real-time analytics: Display live emotion metrics, allowing for immediate insights and actions.
  • Content analysis: Granular data about each asset users interact with to improve user experience.
  • Marketing Performance: Optimize marketing channels to use resources effectively.


Before integrating Emaww into your web application, ensure you have access to either:

  • Access to the <head></head> tags of your website.
  • Access to Google Tag Manager
  • Access to the header through pre-built websites such as Shopify or Wordpress.

Generating and Integrating Web Snippet

Step 1: Create Your Account

Sign Up at by entering your details and verifying your account.

Step 2: Link Your Website

To link your website, enter the URL for your website and estimate the monthly visits for your website. Before you continue, you must also accept the term and conditions which can also be found here.

Step 3: Integrate Your Token

A Javascript token within HTML tags will be generated specifically for your website and displayed to you. This should look something like this:

<!-- Emaww site tag (Emaww JS) - Emaww Emotion AI Analytics --><script async src=''></script>
<!-- Emaww site tag (Emaww JS) - Emaww Emotion AI Analytics -->

Copy and paste this token between the <head></head> tags of your website, or use Google Tag Manager to integrate the snippet.

It is important to note that adding the token to your website has no effect on the speed and performance of your website. This is because the token runs asynchronously, meaning it loads in the background without interrupting the main thread. As a result, your website's load times and user experience remain unaffected, ensuring a seamless integration process.

Use cases

Post image

Once the token is Added to your website, you will have full access to the Emaww dashboard. Here you can:

  • Real-Time Emotion Analysis: Instantly detect user emotions to identify trends like frustration or engagement, allowing you to swiftly address issues or reinforce successful strategies.
  • Emotion Heatmaps: Utilize heatmaps to enable UI/UX designers to effectively evaluate and refine web pages based on areas that attract or repel user interest.
  • Content Performance Insights: Assess each content piece's impact by tracking user responses, helping you distinguish between high-performing and underperforming sections of your website.
  • Optimized Marketing Strategies: Equip marketers with the tools to identify the most effective channels and optimal times for content delivery, enhancing marketing efficiency.
  • Effortless Data Export: Export clean, structured data in formats like CSV or Excel, making it easy for analysts to integrate and further analyze user interactions and responses.


To conclude, integrating Emaww into your website isn't just about leveraging cutting-edge technology; it's about transforming the way you connect with your audience. By utilizing Emaww's robust dashboard, you gain the ability to not only track real-time emotional responses but also to understand the deeper nuances of user interactions. This empowers your team to make data-driven decisions that can significantly enhance user experience, optimize marketing efforts, and ultimately transform your work into a more effective platform.

Embrace the future of analytics with Emaww and turn user insights into actionable strategies that deliver results. Start harnessing the full potential of your website today by stepping into the world of Emotion AI.